[Stargate] Storeroom Work Day

David Jurgens djurgens at swbell.net
Tue Feb 17 15:42:03 PST 2009



February us the last month that we have contracted to have the small
storeroom.  Most items are out of the small room but there are still some
things that need to be moved to the large room.  There will need to be some
rearranging in the large storeroom to fit the rest of the items.  If you are
not going to Coastal Invasion this weekend, please join me at the storerooms
to get the job done.  I do not see this taking more than about 2 hours to


The address for the storeroom is:


Uncle Bob’s Self Storage

10114 Old Katy Rd

Houston, TX‎ 77043


It is on the westbound feeder of I-10 just west of Gessner.  I plan to be
there at 10:00 am on Saturday.  If you are have time, please come out and
lend a hand.  Send me an email if you think you can make it out.




Sir Godwin of Edington

Stargate Castellan

djurgens at swbell.net



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