[Stargate] OT but Very Important (at least to me) ...

Jennifer Smith ladydaungerous at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 26 13:49:53 PST 2009

Had to cut to fit in your name, but I duly tweeted as follows
jsmith_54H&R Block will recheck your taxes for $29 and provide guarantee. Call Maria Buchanan 281.350.5510 to set up an appointment.


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Oh, you can also email me at 
maria.buchanan at tax.hrblock.com to make the appointments.

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> From: Maria Buchanan <scarlettmb at sbcglobal.net>
> Subject: [Gatesedge] OT but Very Important (at least to me) ...
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> Hi everyone.  
> I have a HUGE favor to ask.  
> If anyone has had their taxes done already but not at
> H&R Block, please call me.  
> Block has this thing called the Second Look.  It's
> basically, you bring in your taxes and we look at them and
> see if they're done correctly.  You get the H&R
> Block guarantee when you do the Second Look.
> The deal here is ... I have to have 10 of them done by the
> end of the tax season or I lose a pay grade.  So if
> you've got your taxes done, call me at the office
> (281-350-5510) and make an appointment.  If you make the
> appointment for the first week of March (next week), I can
> do them free.  After next week, they will cost $29. 
> it's really worth it cause you get the Block Guarantee
> with it and to be quite honest I don't get any money off
> them.  That goes to pay for the guarantee.
> I don't think I have to tell everyone about the Privacy
> Policy that Block has, but just suffice it to say, no
> one's information gets sent ANYWHERE you don't want
> it sent.  
> I can also talk to you at the meeting on Monday night to
> make an appointment.  I'll have my book with me and I
> always write my appointments in my book.  
> Please ... I'm really serious.  I can't afford to
> lose a pay grade next season.  They are changing stuff
> around anyway, and the pay is going to be restructured.  If
> they restructure me down, I'm losing pay anyway and I
> can't afford to lose more.  
> I would really appreciate the help and I'd owe everyone
> a HUGE favor.  
> Thanks.
> Maria
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