[Stargate] Armour Knight

John Cooney jc at xephius.com
Thu Mar 5 12:39:47 PST 2009


	I am kicking around the idea to hold an armour repair-fitting-finish  
your project night at my house on Monday(?) evenings. While the  
primary goal is to armour, we can also work on any other projects you  
need help with.

	I originally extended this to my local's in Gates Edge, but I have  
has some interest from would be Stargate interlopers. Rest assured you  
are all welcome!

	I am open to other nights to do this on, Monday's just seemed to be a  
non-conflict night for the most part. As we have a couple of these,  
work out. If anyone is interested please let me know so we can plan  
ahead. For now I will plan on having one this coming Monday night  
(9th), anyone want to come out?

	I am located behind HP/Compaq on 249/Louetta. Everyone is welcome, if  
you would like to attend, please give me a heads up. Thanks,

	Jean Clisson
	Costal Knight Martial
	14911 Carols Way Dr
	Houston TX 77070

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