[Stargate] Site setup for Stargate/Loch Baronial

David Jurgens djurgens at swbell.net
Mon Apr 12 13:21:32 PDT 2010



I am in charge of site setup for the joint Baronial this weekend.  It is my
plan to be on site by about 3pm on Friday afternoon to get pavilions and
fields setup.  The more hands we have the faster it will go.  So, I am
asking anyone that can to come out and be a part of the crew.


Most years the Girl Scouts will have had the site mowed.  However, that is
not guaranteed to happen.  So, if the site is not mowed by Thursday evening,
we will need to be on site earlier with riding mowers.  If anyone has a
riding mower, and can help out by bringing it to site, please let me know.
I will have the site checked late Thursday evening and will post something
here to let everyone know.


Thanks for your help.




Sir Godwin of Edington



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