[Stargate] Fwd: [Ansteorra-Seneschals] Summer Roundtable Bids Needed

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Greetings Stargate,
The Kingdom Seneschal is looking for bids for Round Table in July.  Bids are
due by May 14th.  If anyone is interested in bidding from Stargate, please
let Their Excellencies and myself know so we can help you.

Round Table is the kingdom business meeting.  There is no site fee for Round
Table, so a free site is preferred.  There are several tracks of meetings,
and an assembly (GOofS state of the kingdom meeting), which will require
several breakout rooms (classrooms) and a main hall (auditorium).  A
sideboard lunch is usually provided as well, so a cafeteria/eating area will
be needed also.

In service,

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Hi Guys!

We are in need of bids for Roundtable.  In order to make a decision such
that an ad can be placed in the July Black Star, I need them by May 14th.

Thank-you for all that you do!


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