[Stargate] Stargate Newcomers Revel

Stephanie Wilson imstephw at swbell.net
Wed Aug 11 09:01:09 PDT 2010

That's a great idea! Don Corvin and I will be there. 

We'll bring gazpacho (a chilled Mediterranean-style vegetable soup) and
fruit salad. I can also bring a 5-gallon cooler of lemonade (need to get rid
of the mix that's in my pantry before it turned into a solid, unusable
block). I haven't seen anyone else respond yet; do we have an estimate on
the number of people that might attend? (I'm wondering whether I should make
a pot of gazpacho or a vat.)

Is anyone bringing disposable bowls/plates and utensils, or should I bring
those as well? What about cups and napkins? 

Also, do we need to bring chairs?

Finally, will people be wearing historical clothing (i.e., garb) or modern
(mundane) clothing?

In service,

HL Anne Barrington
Barony of the Stargate
Kingdom of Ansteorra

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> Greetings all,
> With the number of newcomers we've had at our local Populace 
> meetings these past couple months, we thought it would be a 
> good idea to have a Stargate Newcomers Revel.  *Thursday, 
> August 19th at 7pm* at the home of HL Mea Passavanti, we will 
> have a pot-luck party with the purpose of introducing our 
> newcomers to some of the "ins and outs" of life in the SCA 
> and Kingdom of Ansteorra.
> Some general topics for open discussion:
> - Attending your first even (what you'll need, how to get involved);
> - Forms of address (various ranks and dignities);
> - Persona development (times, places, clothing, heraldry, names);
> - I'm interested in.....Who can I talk to? (making connections).
> Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend!  Bring a dish 
> to share and your beverage of choice.
> For address/directions to HL Mea's, please email her at 
> mea.passavanti at gmail.com
> In service,
> Alden

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