[Stargate] newcomers revel

Snaebjorn Hakonarson snaebjorn_h at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 20 09:57:37 PDT 2010

I would like to say thanks as well. I had a great time meeting a lot of people and talking about all sorts of things. 

I'd also like to say thanks in that you guys managed to really make the friend I brought with me feel a lot more welcome than he expected. He had a fun time, though I know he never seems like he is. LOL. He was fairly inspired I think. Hopefully this won't be the only thing he goes to. 

He mentioned he was impressed that everyone seemed to know so much about history in general. *laughs* Thought it was very cool. 

Thank you all again for making an Aethelmeartian and a total newbie feel right at home last night. Reminds me why I love the SCA.

In service,
Snaebjorn Hakonarson
(Just ask Ciarnat how to pronounce it! :D)

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I would like to thank everyone who came out to the Newcomers Revel last night!  
I'd especially like to thank HL Mea Passavanti, our wonderful hostess, for 
letting us all invade her home.  We had a great turnout of over 25 people, 
covering a vast range of SCA experience - from that night being someone's first 
SCA activity ever, to folks that have been playing more than 20 years.  It was 
nice to spend time talking to newcomers, sharing stories, offering some SCA 
basic tips, and hopefully inspiring some wonderful new friends as they begin 
their SCA journey with us in Stargate.

Thank you everyone for making the evening a success!

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