[Stargate] Change of venue: Aleeasar Middle Eastern Drum and Dance Practice tonight.

Steve Scott (Dietrich) dietrich.strobelbart at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 25 11:29:01 PDT 2010

Due to HE Gwen's illness, we have had a change of venue for tonight's practice.  
His Lordship Antonello del Bello has graciously volunteered to host our practice 
tonight!  All levels of drummers and dancers are welcome!

Directions have been posted to the Aleeasar Yahoo Group. If you are not on the 
Yahoo Group and need directions, please contact me privately.

See you all there at 7:30!


Herr Dietrich Strobelbart
mka: Steve Scott 
281-731-7726 Cell
Numerus vestri pluma!
Number your feathers!

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