[Stargate] Cake, or ...? Cake, please!

merewyn at att.net merewyn at att.net
Thu Dec 2 14:39:59 PST 2010

<p>Greetings fellow gentles!</p>
<p>Attending Stargate's Yule festivities this Saturday Dec. 4th? Looking for a fun and easy way to serve - pun intended - your Barony? Then look no further! :-) We are in need of servers for feast, and you are just what we had in mind! </p>
<p>What's in it for me, you ask? More than you can imagine, and like Han Solo, I know you can imagine quite a bit! </p>
<p>1) Servers eat first! Mmmmm Cake!!!! <br>
2) No need to be at your post until after Court - relax all day long, listen to the bards, do pick-up fights, whatever you like guilt-free, secure in the knowledge you are doing your part! <br>
3) Reap the accolades of your fellows for your selfless service!<br>
4) One word: karma. </p>
<p>So now that you are raring to go, what do you do next? Send me an e-mail with your contact info and I will hunt you dow- er, make sure we chat that day so you know the plan. </p>
<p>What could be more simple? Okay, more simple AND buff your Yuletide karma to a bright sheen?  Nada. So click your create new mail button and send me a 'yes' to Merewyn AT att DOT net. </p>
<p>Yours in Service,<br>
Lady Merewyn de Laugharne<br><br></p>
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