[Stargate] Stargate B&B Letter of Intent Deadline Tomorrow Dec 22

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Tue Dec 21 07:47:41 PST 2010

Greetings to all

REMINDER for those wishing to pursue the position of Baron and Baroness of 
Stargate, Wenesday December 22nd is the deadline to declare baronial candidate 
status—no new entrants are allowed after this date. Final letters of intent by 
baronial candidates are due to the Crown by email (Crown at ansteorra.org). Brief, 
single-page candidate letters with full contact information for publishing in 
the Two Towers are also due to me, the Coastal Regional Seneschal by email at 
coastal at seneschal.ansteorra.org by this date.
Candidates for the positions of Baron and Baroness of Stargate, please review 
Kingdom Law particularly Article III, Section 3, Subsection 1: Territorial 
Barons and Baronesses for eligibility requirements and duties ( 
http://seneschal.ansteorra.org/forms/Kingdom_Law_2010_11_6.pdf ). Landed nobles 
must be paid members of the SCA with access to the Black Star (Kingdom 
newsletter). Landed nobles cannot hold the office of seneschal or treasurer at 
any level in the SCA during their term as landed Baron and Baroness.
Candidates’Letters of Intent should minimally address the following items: 
1. Where do you see the Barony in 5 years?
2. What is your mission statement for your time as Baron and Baroness?
3. What five things will you do to promote your vision?
4. What five things will you do to promote unity within the Barony?
5. If you do not become Baron or Baroness, how will you
support the candidates that are chosen?
Also, Polling Day will be January 3, 2011. Polling will occur during the regular 
populace meeting, 7:45 pm at Hope Episcopal Church, 

1613 W 43rd St, Houston, Texas. Per the Crown’s will, each set of candidates 
will be allowed 5 minutes to address the populace before the polling begins. 
Thank you and Happy Holidays!
Cristyana Lambrecht
Coastal Seneschal 


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