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I would like to further support #12 on the list.  Email is great and very
handy, but not always 100% reliable.  If you email someone and don't get a
response in a day or two, follow up with the person by phone.  Maybe their
spam filter ate your email.  Maybe it went to an email address they don't
use anymore/often.  Who knows?  If it's important, quite often I'll include
in the email, "If I don't hear back from you by (set a deadline), I'll
follow up with a phone call."  And remember to be realistic in your time
table.  Not everyone checks email all day long, or every day.  If you need a
reply fast, go for the phone first. :)

In service,

On Sat, Jan 23, 2010 at 2:32 PM, Darlene Burns <annescvb at gmail.com> wrote:

> 1. There are no bids for King's College. Feb 28th is extended deadline for
> bids. Submit to Kingdom.
> 2. Updated BlackStar event ad check list is up on the chonicler's website.
> Radegund has updated the chronicler's handbook. On line.
> 3. $11,400 profit from 30th year event reported.
> 4. Kudos to HL Malacci (sp sorry) for nearly 3 years service as regional
> exchequer.
> 5. Kingdom needs bids for coronation and queen's champion
> 6. Baroness Cathrine (steppes) is stepping down and moving to Weisenfuer
> 7. Conal needs coordinator for donations to replace stolen kingdom & namron
> items.
> 8. FynnanGoth trying to go to barony...numbers too low but working towards
> this.
> 9. Westgate announced as volontarily dissolving. Many nice things said by
> Conal and Ihon with several  bouts of applause given by appreciative
> audience.
> 10. conal wants folks to congratulate someone taking office not offer
> condolences. Negitivity does not help get people to want to take office.
> 11. Conal wants to remind all officers that when there are disputes in the
> group, the seneschal needs the support to help resolve the conflicts.
> 12. Reminder...email is great but phone is often better. Don't hesitate to
> call rather than email.
> 13. Gatesedge mentioned as being stable, growing and blowing. :) Mst.
> Saundra said nice things about GE.
> 14. Stargate mentioned as being very active and working hard on recruitment
> and retention.
> Off to historian's meeting.
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> Annes
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