[Stargate] Metal Piercework class - Feb 28th

Hillary Greenslade hillaryrg at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 28 08:32:29 PST 2010

Save the date!  Feb 28th.

By request, I'm offering a 1 day workshop on Metal Piercework.
Class will include a discussion on historical process, followed by hands-on
using a modern process to create your own small medalion of a kingdom insignia.  

Date:       Feb 28th
Time:       1:30pm to 5pm. 
Location:  B&B's home.  
Fee:         $5.00
Class Limit:  6-8 persons. 

I'll have loaner supplies for those that want to try-before-they-buy. 
Else, if you want your own tools, I'll provide a list for the Feb. issue of the Two Towers, 
and will have a handout at the next Stargate Populace meeting.  
Supply list will also include several vendors to consider.  
Expect a supply kit to cost between $35-50.00.

Bonus:  a demo on 'Rivets' will be shown; if time permits you can try yourself.  
Else, that could become a program at Populace one evening. 

Please let me know if any questions, 
Regards, Hillary Greenslade

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