[Stargate] Fourth Annual SEXY KILT CONTEST!!!

Michael Silverhands silverhands at verizon.net
Mon Mar 15 14:40:02 PDT 2010

On Mar 15, 2010, at 11:33 AM, Patrick Callahan wrote:

> I will not be attending any "kilt" contest sexy or not that  
> requires the wearing of "pants" is simply an abomination, in my  
> opinion.
> Lost And Confused,
> Patrick Callahan

Har de har har. :-P

Yes, it's the running joke about kilts... But seriously, not to  
dampen the joke but merely to throw some historical info out there  
for whoever isn't aware: kilts without anything under them is *way*  
out of our time period, as far as most historians can determine.

In our period, it was the norm for the Scottish to wear a woolen sort- 
of loin cloth, called "smalls" by the English (I don't know what they  
were called by the Scottish, but hopefully someone else here can  
provide that info), under whatever you were wearing... including a kilt.

Yeah, yeah... someone, somewhere, sometime, was bound to have gone  
naked under their kilt for some reason or another. There are always  
exceptions. But that's not what we try to re-create *for the most  
part* in our activities. Saying "oh, someone must have fried a potato  
somewhere, somewhen" is not a justification for entering french fries  
in a period cooking contest. Even though they'd probably be welcome  
at a casual feast. :-)

Anyway... back on track... "kilts without underwear" is known as  
"going regimental" BECAUSE during the English occupation of India  
(1800's, quite a bit out of our period) there was a widespread  
problem with chafing and rashes due to the heat combined with the  
(typically) woolen underwear the men wore. With regret but without  
hesitation, the regimental commander ordered that his men would  
temporarily go without underwear until they could figure out a better  
solution for dealing with the heat.

Nowadays, you can go to just about any Renaissance Festival in the  
world and see what are supposed to be Scotsmen wearing kilts and  
joking about "going regimental"... during the Renaissance...  
riiiiiiiight. Not.

So... now you know. No reason to stop making the joke (it's funny),  
just wearing my curmudgeon hat long enough to want to put out some  
fact to go with the fun. (Channeling Cadfan? *chuckles at the thought*)

Yours in service, absent but not gone,
Michael Silverhands

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