[Stargate] Storeroom Work Day(s) - Reminder

David Jurgens djurgens at swbell.net
Fri Nov 26 14:54:37 PST 2010

Just a reminder that the storeroom will be worked on tomorrow.  It looks to
be a nice day but cold in the morning.  I will see those that can be there
tomorrow at 9:00.




Greetings Stargate,

As was mentioned in November's populace meeting, our storeroom needs some
work.  We need to do some culling of old stuff, re-arranging of our
equipment, and rebuilding of the shelves.  To do this, I will need some
help.  With simple moving of stuff and with designing and building of the
shelves.  So, once everyone is over there Thanksgiving food coma, come out a
give me and your fellow Stargaters a hand.

When:  Saturday Nov. 27th
Where: Uncle Bob's Self Storage
       I-10 between Gessner and Beltway 8
Time:  9:00 am

I will have what we need to build the shelves but we will be doing it on
site.  They are just going to be a simple 2x4 frame with plywood shelves.
If anyone has access to a small generator that can power a couple of tools,
please bring it.  Otherwise, we can run a cord but the plug is about 200 ft

The long range forecast is for a nice weekend.  Everyone can reach me before
the 27th at 713-690-5434 or on Saturday morning at 713-870-5269.

Hope to see you there.


Sir Godwin of Edington

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