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Mon Oct 4 12:25:40 PDT 2010

Good morning,

I am currently assembling contributions for the October issue of the *Two
Towers*. If you have anything to contribute, please send it to me at
chronicler at stargate.ansteorra.org by Wednesday, October 6th. Publication
Permission Forms can be found at:

--> Guilds & Practices - I need updated information about meeting dates,
times, locations, and contact information from all guild principals and
marshalls, please. If the information in the September *Two Towers* is
accurate, please let me know. If it has changed, please send the correct
information to me ASAP so that members of the populace know what's going on.

--> Events - Does anyone have any word fame or photos from Seawinds
Defender, Raven's Fort Defender, Lochtoberfest, or Three Commanders?

--> Officers - I would appreciate it if you would all send me short blurbs
about recent happenings with your office. If you are looking for a deputy or
replacement, this is the place to tell people about it.

--> Committee News - It would be great to hear from the chairs and/or
members of the various committees about on-going efforts to improve the

--> Event Stewards and Coordinators - This is a good place to advertise for
volunteers to work Stargate Yule.

--> Articles - Share your expertise or enlighten others on a subject you
feel passionate about. Send your article to me for publication along with
the appropriate Publication Permission Form found on the Ansteorra website.

--> Art - Send your finest artwork along with the appropriate Publication
Permission Form found on the Ansteorra website. Or let me know you’d like to
illustrate articles!

I look forward to everyone's contributions!

HL Anne Barrington
Stargate Chronicler

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