[Stargate] Alternative power for computers and cell phones at long camping events

Steve Scott (Dietrich) dietrich.strobelbart at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 14 12:11:42 PDT 2010

For those of you who find that they just cannot go a whole week without their 
laptop; check out this alternative for charging a laptop or cellphone at long 
camping events:

Deep cycle marine battery     $75.00--$150 depending on how big you want.  
12vdc to 120vac inverter      $79.99  
15 watt 12v Solar panel        $79.99 
Charge controller                 $29.99 

Battery Box                          $10.00 
    Total                            ~$275.00

This setup would be enough to pretty much keep your laptop going continuously, 
assuming at least some fair weather.  These solar panels are pretty good, even 
on a cloudy day.  A 32Ah battery will give you about 15 hours of charge time for 
most laptops by itself, without recharging.  There is also a 5 watt solar panel 
with a built in controller and a smaller inverter if all you want to charge is a 
cell phone.  For that you get out under $150.00!

Or you can get a larger battery, a larger inverter, and link several solar 
panels, and run whatever you want!  How about a microwave in your tent at Gulf 
Wars? ;-)  You could pull that off for about what a generator would cost.  And 
all without the noise and stink of a generator!  And you don't have to buy any 
gasoline!  Keep in mind that generators are rather frowned upon at Gulf Wars!  

Now, let all the screaming about "that's cheating!" begin!  ;-)

Just my 2 pence....



 Numerus vestri pluma!
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