[Stargate] Loch/Stargate Baronnial Drum Circle

Steve Scott (Dietrich) dietrich.strobelbart at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 31 20:27:00 PDT 2011

My apologies to any of you who get this message more than once; I am merely 
attempting to reach as many interested gentles as possible.

At the request of Her Excellency Simone and Her Excellency Mistress Rhiannon, 
there will be a drum circle at Loch/Stargate Co-Baronial/Investiture on April 
9th.  We will begin after dark, after Feast, wherever we can find a good spot.  
Most likely under the big pavilion, wherever we can find the best light.  (Just 
listen for the drums.)  Bring chairs, drums, rugs, and something to drink!  And 
if you play some other musical instrument, don't be shy!  Come join us! We 
welcome all musicians who are interested in Middle Eastern music.

Dancers are, of course, very welcome to join us!  Middle Eastern music is for 
nothing if not to dance to!  I promise we will play a good mix of slow, medium, 
fast, and maybe even an oddity or two!  ;-)


Herr Dietrich

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