[Stargate] Seneschal Office Open for Applications

Seneschal of Stargate seneschal at stargate.ansteorra.org
Thu May 12 09:15:08 PDT 2011

Just a reminder that the office of Seneschal is open for applications.
There's only one month left to apply!

Applications need to be sent to the Coastal Regional Seneschal with copies
to Their Excellencies Stargate and to me, by June 15.

*The requirements to hold the office of Seneschal are easily met:*

 You must be 18 or older.

 You must be a member of the SCA and have regular access to the Kingdom
newsletter, the Black Star.

 You must attend the Seneschal’s and Treasurer’s warranting classes.

 You must not live at the same address as the group’s Treasurer.

 You must be reachable by telephone, especially in the evenings.

 It is critical to have email access, but it’s not required unless you are
applying for a regional or Kingdom office.

*Your responsibilities include but are not limited to:*

A. Promoting peace, harmony, and prosperity

B. Conducting regular meetings

C. Overseeing group finances

D. Training deputies

E. Submitting award recommendations

F. Maintaining a reference library

G. Conducting opinion pollings

H. Acting as the legal representative of your group

I. Dealing with modern authorities

J. Pacing yourself and knowing when to step down

K. Ensuring your group meets all the requirements to maintain its group

L. Writing and filing reports

M. Ensuring that the local waivers are sent into the Waiver Secretary

N. Overseeing the planning and hosting of events

O. Overseeing demos and public relations

All of these are detailed more fully in the Seneschal's Handbook:
http://seneschal.ansteorra.org/forms/Seneschalhandbook2006.pdf.  If you have
questions or concerns about the office or applying, please let me know and
I'll be glad to help.

In service,


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