[Stargate] Fw: 4th Sunday arts??

Lauren Norman lmnorman at uh.edu
Wed May 18 16:17:28 PDT 2011

sorry for not replying sooner!  I've got an email in to Lynn at St. Giles to make sure the facility will be available for our use.  I'm waiting to hear back, but I'm assuming there won't be a problem.  I personally would like to hold 4th Sunday Arts, and provided we have a room I will be there.  I will post to the list as soon as I hear back from Lynn to confirm one way or the other.
Isolde, MoAS

Lauren Norman

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Well, sent this last Saturday, no response.
Guess that means there is no 4th Sunday Arts this next weekend.
Alas, Hillary

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Are we doing the 4th Sunday arts next Sunday? 
Was looking at May calendar, and realized it's actually the May 22nd date and 
not the Memorial weekend Sunday. 

Hillary (inquiring minds planning my calendar)
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