[Stargate] Submissions for June Two Towers

Chronicler of Stargate chronicler at stargate.ansteorra.org
Mon May 30 09:07:23 PDT 2011


I am currently assembling materials for the June issue of the Two Towers and
I would greatly appreciate the help of the populace, officers, and guild
principals. In particular, I need information regarding the following:

--> Dates, times and locations of guild meetings, performing arts and
martial arts practices, and workshops

----------> Will there be a Fourth Sunday Arts Day in June?
----------> Will there be any Sunday fighter practices in June?

--> Input from officers on current events

--> Photographs from recent events

--> Word fame about Stargaters

--> Articles, essays, poems, stories, or illustrations

Please send your submissions to me at this address by Tuesday, June 1, 2011,
so that I can finalize the Two Towers ASAP.

Thank you,


HL Anne Barrington
Stargate Chronicler

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