[Stargate] Stargate's Meal Plan at BAM

Stephanie Wilson imstephw at swbell.net
Mon Nov 21 08:07:43 PST 2011

Thank you to everyone who participated in Stargate's meal plan at BAM. I
feel like it was a success: all of the meals were yummy, there was enough to
feed everyone, everyone paid for the meals for which they had signed up,
everyone helped with chores, and all of the cooks were reimbursed in full
for their food costs. 


The meal plan was successful because of the participation and contributions
of EVERYONE in the group; we all shared the cost and the work, and everyone
benefitted. Thank you in particular to the cooks: Wolf, Andrius, and
Nicollet. Thank you also to Wolf for his surprise treat of hot mulled wine
on Friday night and to Alden for his cheese goo on Saturday night. I'd like
to be able to thank everyone in camp individually for everything you did to
help, both with the meal plan and in camp, but I'm afraid if I do that I'll
omit something important, so I hope you will all be content with a general
but heartfelt 'thank you'. 


I think this was a great trial run for Gulf Wars, so look for future posts
about a Stargate Gulf Wars meal plan.


Please feel free to post comments and constructive criticism here; please
message me privately with complaints (imstephw at swbell.net).


In service,




HL Anne Barrington

Head Cat Wrangler and Kitchen Coordinator

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