[Stargate] Receipts for 3rd Annual Stargate hosted Soup Kitchen

Terri Hirling thirling at gmail.com
Mon Nov 21 13:56:21 PST 2011

Greetings Stargate:

Below is a list of individuals who contributed to the 3rd Annual Stargate
hosted Soup Kitchen.  If you contributed and want reimbursed, receipts are
due now.  We’ll accept a scan.  We’re allowing a maximum of $40 each.  If
there are sufficient funds after everyone is paid, we’ll make every effort
to reimburse anything over $40.  Please make sure to deduct any items on
your receipt that were not a part of you soup/item.  If you’re not
requesting a reimbursement, please let us know and thank you for your

Ihon – Lentil & Sausage (receipts received)

Maria – Pasta Fijole

Isolde – Chicken Stew (receipt received & paid)

Godwin – Cowboy soup

Ann – Chicken Noodle

Caitlin – 12 Bean

Isabeau – Chocolate Chip Cookies (receipt received)

Genevieve – Brownies

Caitlin (the Celt) – Cornbread

Baroness Simone – Cornbread muffins

Hillary – French Bread

Ciarnet – Hot drinks

Fedelem – Trash bags, Lemonade

Ihon & Isabeau – Paper Products (receipts received)

Again, receipts are due now.  Thank you everyone for your participation and

Warm regards,

Ihon & Isabeau

"We live in two worlds . . .  the world into which we are born, and the
other world that is born within us.  Both may be a blessing or a curse.  We
choose."  Attributed as a Druid homily.

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