[Stargate] Rapier Tournament at Stargate Yule

Mike Dudley casualgeek at gmail.com
Mon Nov 28 11:49:18 PST 2011

Can't the the Chivalric fighters have all the fun.  There will also be
a Rapier Toy Tourney at Startgate Yule.

The format of the tourney will depend on the number entrants.  To
enter the tourney you will need to bring a toy.  Once eliminated from
the tourney, you will be able to "bribe" you way back in with
additional toys.   Bribe rates are, one (1) toy for most fighters, two
(2) toys for White Scarves, and three (3) toys for any current or
former Queens Champions.   You may bribe the list mistress as many
times as you like.  :)

All the toys will be donated to our Toys for Tots raffle.  The winner
will receive all the raffle tickets generated by the tourney.

Armor inspection will begin 10 am...with the tourney starting at noon.

-  Collwyn O'Snowdon

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