[Stargate] Hospitality at Legacy of Lions

Cynthia Whitford simonevalery at comcast.net
Wed Oct 12 19:47:03 PDT 2011

 I will bring some salty crunchy snacks for munching during the day - 
fritos, pretzel nuggets, chex mix, veggie chips, etc.


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> I am organizing a potluck lunch on Saturday under the Stargate pavilion. I
> will provide a cream cheese and chicken dip/spread and crackers, apples 
> and
> caramel dip, and a 5-gallon cooler of ice water. It would be wonderful if
> other Stargate folks could bring food, too. (Bring your own cups, plates,
> utensils, etc.) Please chime in to say what you're bringing so there 
> aren't
> any duplications.
> In service,
> Anne Barrington
> Head of Entourage

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