[Stargate] Legacy of Lions report

Cynthia Whitford simonevalery at comcast.net
Sun Oct 16 19:03:24 PDT 2011

we are home from a wonderful time at Legacy of Lions and wanted to take a few minutes to express our gratitude to the Stargaters who helped make our weekend such a success!

Thank you to: Anne, Alden, Nicollet, Godwin, Lissa, Gwyn, Hillary, Genevieve, Wolf, Andrius. You guys were great! You all provided hospitality and fighter support throughout the day, made our entry in the procession the best one there (imho), fetched, toted, helped wherever needed,  joined us at feast and kept us company during Court and later at the Tavern.  In short - you made everything run smoothly from initial set up Friday night to final takedown Sunday morning and you made the Barony of Stargate look good in the eyes of the Kingdom. We appreciate all your hard work and efforts in doing so!

And now for some word fame:  

We fielded 4 Stargate fighters in the tournament - Robert, Alden, Godwin, Modius, plus our champion John of Severn, and the fighting was amazing to watch!  The challenges, the melees, the crest battle, the Champions vs. the field - everybody fought with great passion, enthusiasm, and honor.  It was one of those memorable days that will be relived in stories for years to come!

We had 2 entrants in the A&S competition - Wolf with his carved and turned wooden bowls, hat blocks, and sailor tools, and Genevieve with her beaded and embroidered book marks. I am happy to say that both their entries drew the *very* favorable attention of laurels and Crown! Thank you both for entering!

Once again I am working from memory (because I forgot to take notes during the event. again.) so I apologize if I accidentally left anyone out.  As always - if you saw something or remember somebody that I missed, please feel free to share with us so we don't leave anybody out.

best regards,
Robert and Simone
Baron and Baroness

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