[Stargate] Camp meals at BAM

Stephanie Wilson imstephw at swbell.net
Thu Oct 20 22:26:26 PDT 2011

It looks like we'll have quite a few people in Stargate's camp at BAM this
year, and it seems that there is an interest in sharing at least a few meals
in camp. I'd like to suggest that the folks who want to share meals in camp
also share the associated costs and work (i.e., everyone who eats
contributes money to cover their share of the food costs and helps with food
prep, cooking, and/or clean-up). I will happily provide my free-standing
2-burner camp stove and propane for this use. In fact, I'll go a step
farther and coordinate this whole camp meal thing, if folks are willing to
go along with it.


There is no feast at BAM, but there is, of course, the Stargate soup kitchen
by the lyst field on Saturday at lunch time, which leaves the following


Friday - breakfast, lunch, dinner

Saturday - breakfast, dinner

Sunday - breakfast


I would personally rather do a group breakfast than a group lunch, simply
because it's difficult to get everyone back to camp during the day for
lunch, but I'm not averse to doing both. I'm not one to skip meals and I
always enjoy company. 


The way I see this working is: 

1.       Everyone pays a flat rate per meal (based on estimated food costs)
to the meal coordinator. 

2.       The people who volunteer to cook purchase their ingredients and get
reimbursed by the meal coordinator.

3.        If you don't eat a meal, you don't pay for it. However, it's
necessary to commit in advance so that the right quantity of food can be

4.       Everyone who eats signs up for food prep, cooking, and/or clean-up.

5.       As many people as possible bring camp kitchen equipment (sharing
the responsibility makes it easier on everyone).  


Whaddya think? 


In service,


Anne Barrington


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