[Stargate] Thank You's for Queen's

Cynthia Whitford simonevalery at comcast.net
Sun Oct 23 17:32:50 PDT 2011

This past weekend at Queen's we had a wonderful pit crew to help with set up and take down including: Colwyn, Brenna, Corvin, Isaac, Don Simone, Their Excellencies Loch Sollier and many of their people, some Hell's Gaters, Steppes folks, and assorted others who were passing by and just pitched in where needed.  

Thank you to all of you for keeping the pavilion from blowing away when the wind suddenly picked up, and for breaking everything down so quickly at the end of the day when we only had about 30 minutes until site close after the end of Court!

We were honored to have our Cousins from the Loch join us for the day and between our 2 baronies we fielded 12 fighters! (Robert, Cael, Baroness Simone, Ulstead, Corvin, Colwyn, Don Simone, Isaac, Alessandro, Angeline, Solia, and Tristan) 

Once again you did us proud Stargate, and we thank you!

Robert and Simone
Baron and Baroness

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