[Stargate] Fighter Practice and Social Afternoon

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Where and what time?


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Subject: [Stargate] Fighter Practice and Social Afternoon
Hi all, 
I believe this coming weekend if the 4th weekend of the month, which means it's Fighter Practice weekend. 
I want to encourage non-fighters to come out to the park as well.  Bring your artwork to work on, perhaps a musical instrument to entertain us, or just come and chat with those in the SCA and those seeking information on our group.  
Two weeks ago, we have a nice group of musicians singing bardic songs, while the fighters practiced.  I brought out some metals to pierce for new award insignia, and spent a lot to time talking about metalsmithing to a new Stargater and a gentle from Gate's Edge.  
And there was a lot of interest from those passing by, wish I'd had fliers to give out so they could check our the Stargate website and learn about the SCA - I'll be better prepared this time.   Join us this weekend, share your love of the SCA with visitors to our peaceful green at the park.   
Cheers, Hillary
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