[Stargate] Gulf Wars Stargate Camping Group

Alden Drake alden_drake at sbcglobal.net
Mon Jan 23 13:31:37 PST 2012

Greetings Stargate,
Gulf Wars is quickly approaching!  I trust many of you are working on projects, 
and planning ahead.  I have volunteered to step up as Camp Kitchen and Shower 
Coordinator for Stargate this year.  This may be something of a new concept for 
many of you, who have camped with Stargate in the past, but if you camped with 
us at BAM back in November, you know that that was a trial run for GW.

After consulting with Their Excellencies, they would like to offer a similar 
camp plan that was made available at BAM.  It should be noted that this camp 
effort is VOLUNTARY.  You don't have to join.  You are welcome to camp with 
Stargate and make other meal/shower arrangements for yourself if you'd like.  
That said, some of the details are as follows:

The plan is to set up a common area pavilion for everyone in Stargate camp to 
utilize.  We ask that you keep your personal effects cleaned up in this space.  
Chairs may be left in this area, but if you leave your chair here, please do so 
with the offer to let anyone use it in your absence.  Simple courtesy applies if 
someone would like to sit in their chair if it is occupied.

There will be a kitchen set up for anyone joining the group meal plan.  We will 
need volunteers to coordinate meals (breakfast and dinner), cook's helpers, and 
clean up roles.  There will be some common-use equipment made available for 
cooks (which will be detailed later).  There will also be some standard food 
items available to everyone on the meal plan (i.e. yogurt, bananas, drink 
mixes/teas/coffee).  A meal price of $5.00 per person, per meal will apply.  
Volunteers for cooking a meal should plan to budget $4.00 per person per meal.  
The $1.00 difference will go towards the purchase of general consumables 
(propane, plasticware, foils, chafing pans, etc.) that will be made available 
for common use.  

I am currently working on building a camp shower trailer. It will have a water 
reservoir, electric pump, and on demand propane water heater that should provide 
water not only to the shower, but potentially the kitchen too!  The trailer 
is 4x8, and I'm planning to split it in half to have a wet area and dry area.  
To help cover the cost of propane and maintenance, I am going to ask for  $5.00 
per person for the week.  This is independant of the Meal Plan, so you're 
welcome to do one, or the other, or both.

I will be sending out (and bringing to Populace) a schedule for people to 
sign-up for volunteering to cook and help around camp.  We would like to ask 
that everyone who participates in the meal plan to please sign up to help out 
with cooking, cleaning, trash take-away, and common area clean-up.  By 
everyone's efforts, we can have a great group camp!

In service,
Alden, Camp Kitchen/Shower Coordinator

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