[Stargate] Gate's Edge Scribal Guild - This Sunday

Natasha Storfer natashastorfer at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 3 12:05:15 PST 2013

To the Lovely Populous of Gate's Edge and it's Surrounding Neighbors,
This Sunday it's time for more painting magic - the creation of cherished awards for the walls of devoted members of the Kingdom through the use of paint, parchment, and time. I look forward to seeing anyone able to make it out! There will be yummy food, delicious conversation, and copious creation for our fair kingdom! (directions are on the Gate's Edge calendar, or you can email me) Once again, my plan is to drive to the Stargate Scribal afterwards with any wielding a high scribal constitution. More information can be found on the local calendar:

Thank you,
Natalia d'Auvert
aka Natasha Storfer
natashastorfer at yahoo.com
4810 Theall Rd
Houston, TX 77066

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