[Stargate] Southern Regional War College

David Brown lddevin03 at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 13 13:19:41 PST 2013

Please sign up for a shift. There will be a short gate class at Feb. populace. If you have had the gate class within the last year then all is good. Thanks to those who have and those who will sign up.!

We need 3 people per shift.

HL Devin

5pm - 8pm - Donarwigaz Crawhere, Seneca, Darrell
8pm - 11pm - Baroness Chrystal, HL Detlef
11pm - 1am - Janet Christine Mcgrath

7am - 10am - Janet Christine Mcgrath, Baroness Chrystal
10am - 1pm -
1pm - 3pm

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