ST - The incipient Incipient Shire of Black Oak Keep.

Patrick J. Cuccurello pat at
Wed Aug 16 14:00:17 PDT 2000

Well, as a good many of you already know, in the next two months the area
east of Steppes may be filing for incipient Shire status once again.  This
was the area once known as The Shire of Black Oak Keep.  We currently have
20 to 30 people playing out our way.  Back in March everyone decided that
since we were becoming quite large and doing thing together anyway, we
should think about resurrecting the Shire.  We decided to give it 6 months
of playing in the sandbox together (watch out for the cats) to see if this
could work without anyone throwing sand (watch out for lumps).  That means
that we are planning on voting on the subject in September.

In anticipation of this, we now have a web site and an e-mail group on
e-groups. The web site (which is under construction) is:

The e-groups home site is:

Many of you have already discovered them......inquisitive--aren't you?

This Sunday at our meeting we will decide whether to request a formal vote
in September for requesting incipient status.  We will also be trying to
figure out who wants what offices and when to schedule the mud wrestling
matches for those offices in contention.  If anyone out there resides in the
boundary of the old Black Oak Keep that has not been contacted yet, please
let me know.

I remain, In service unto the Black Star of Ansteorra,

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