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Vicki Marsh XaraXene at
Mon Sep 4 12:03:25 PDT 2000


Xene here.  After returning from Gothic War, I have come to realize that the
time to prepare for Gulf War is NOW!!

I have volunteered to run the Group Kitchens at Gulf War for Elfsea. I have
some ideas for the kitchens, but would like you all to think about them and
help me with ideas.  In the past, Elfsea had a group kitchen that worked
pretty well.  However, this next year, we are planning to camp with Steppes
as well, so I would like to consider this a Central Region camping area and
kitchen planning.

First, while it can be economical for groups to combine equipment and
resources for meals, there is a point where a diseconomy of scale is
reached.  It can just grow too much and become unwieldy or too expensive
beyond a certain point. So, I would like to propose "cells" organized for
the kitchens.  The cells can be households, or Cantons, or just groups of
people who like to camp together. It can also be people who eat similar
foodstuffs (lotsa meat vs. lotsa pasta). I recommend the cell size to be
20-30 adults. Prior designation and posted waterproof lists as to who has
which job for each meal is highly recommended (Meal prep, clean-up, trash
duty, etc.)

Second, each cell decides what meals it will cover.  Some may want the full
range - Breakfast, Lunch, and dinner.  Others may want only Dinner each day.

Third, the Iron Lance has been recruited to fight for Ansteorra again by
Airiklee with the payment to be a meal for the unit.  I don't know the
number - maybe an extra 30 or so.  I would like to suggest that all the
cells do one large group dinner on Friday evening, with extra food for the
Iron Lance.  I can coordinate that with the cell leaders and each group
could bring a different part of the meal.

Fourth, many people have stated that they like the idea of a group dining
hall area.  Even with the different kitchen cells, we can achieve that.
Basically, the land could be set up like the spokes of a wheel - like
Washington D.C.  - with the "Commons" area in the center and the kitchen
cells around the perimeter.  Each group could then extend out like the
spokes of a wheel, with aisles demarked.   Lady Arabella is working with Sir
Pendaran on the land allocation for the Central Region.  We will need some
large pavilion for the Commons area.

Fifth, one of the major problems that we have encountered in the past at
these group kitchens are those people who do not pick up their TRASH and
armor.  Those people with children (myself included) should make sure that
their children clean up as well.  It is a health hazard to have open Coke
cans, old meat, and Dr. Pepper bottles out, attracting bugs and falling
underfoot to be stepped on in a rain storm.  Each cell should have a trash
receptacle which should be emptied regularly.  Yes, this is a sore spot to
me.  I don't understand grown adults who are too lazy to walk a few feet to
a trash can, but can walk all over the Gulf War site, in full armor.

Sixth, now that I have stated my manifesto, I will step down from my
soap-box and want to invite other ideas.  If you agree or disagree with what
I have said,though, please do not simply repost my message with "No way" or
"What she said" at the top.  Please let me know at my direct e-mail address
: xaraxene at

Thank you for your time,

Mistress Xene

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