ST - Quick report

neil starkey raimonddemora at
Wed Mar 21 16:21:58 PST 2001

Hey all, I just wanted to let those who might be wondering know that my 
thumb is not broken.  I may have torn some ligaments, but that is all.  
Still hurts though.
For those who are wondering what I am talking about, during the Ravine 
Battle on Thursday at the War, I got shot in the thumb with a golf tube 
arrow that caught my thumb and jammed it backwards.  I was marshalling at 
the time it happened.  You can ask anyone who was around my the rest of the 
event that I was extremely frustrated because I was unable to do one of the 
things I enjoy at the War and that is Marshal.  I still had a blast and Yes 
I will be marshalling the next War.

The wounded Fool (pity, pity, pity,.....)
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