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Vicki Shetler shetler at
Wed Mar 21 16:31:29 PST 2001

Hmm, most likely I am going to have to step down from my current posts as Deputy
Hospitaller and Seneschal, as well.  I am finding it increasing difficult to
balance my time with my Knight now His Highness and all...  Also, there is the
toll of running a Fighting unit (The Fray), and an entire religious organization
as well (Asgard Troth)...

My apologizes for the notice without talking to Don Duncan about this first..  I
need to get in contact with him about my deputy job...

Thanks for the use of bandwidth,

Vix aka Isolde von Rugen

Jennifer Leighton wrote:

> >From the Hospitiler:
> This office is now officially taking bids.  As Privy Secretary to Their
> Royal Highness', I will no longer have the time needed to care for the
> newcomers.  Please send an application to:  myself, the Baron & Baroness,
> Seneschal and the Central Regional Hospitiler.  Bids will close at Warlord,
> but I hope to have someone in line before then for the turnover.  I will
> officially step down at Coronation.
> Thank you for allowing me to serve the Barony and for all your support.
> Isabel
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