[Steppes] Next Summer Mom (& Dad's) Club activity

susant@unt.edu susant at unt.edu
Wed Jun 6 10:51:21 PDT 2001

Greetings to everyone in the Summer Mom and Dad's club.
I am in charge of finding the activity for Tuesday, June
12.  Here's what I have round up:

I have made arrangements for the group to tour the C.R.
Smith Museum.  This is a FREE museum dedicated to the
commercial aviation industry (specifically American

I have arranged for the tour to start at 1:00 with a
15-minute omni-type movie, then we will have a scavenger

This museum is a very definite hands-on, interactive
learn how a plane flies, learn how flight reservations
are made through their massive computer system, there is
a wind-tunnel, you can sit in a simulation of a
commercial airline cock-pit and see a movie of what it
looks like through the windshield as you take off down a
run-way, etc. etc.

I have also made a request that we use the flight

I made reservations for 35 people.  Please contact me
privately at susant at unt.edu or ladylavina at email.com if
you plan on going so that I can make sure that I have
enough scavenger hunt packets.

If you are interested in learning more about this
museum, check out their homepage:

Directions according to their website are as follows:

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