[Steppes] Ok, has anyone seen my shirt? :)

Tracy Knight tracy989 at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 6 18:55:28 PDT 2001

(Always wanted a chance to start out an email that way.)

And whose socks did I steal?  (For those wondering I'm talking about the
tye-dieing party yesterday not Warlord :)

I just now got around to opening my package to rinse out my shirt and found
socks (and I'm not even blonde or anything).  They were in a bundle that
looked a lot like my shirt.  So who claims them and does anyone have my
shirt?  It should be in the same turqoise/fuschia/purple combination as the
socks.  My complements on your taste whoever you are.

Well, I think that's been enough bandwith for me for the day.


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