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I have found a good home for the kitten - thanks to Margerie (sp) and Joe.
They took her to the vet last night and sure enough, the kitten's leg was
broken and it had already started to knit, so they couldn't re-set it.  She
did test negative for FLV, though, which is good.

Many thanks to Margerie and Joe - nice people - and others who expressed
their concerns about such a tiny little furrball.


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Xene here:

Anthony found a stray kitten last night.  It is a marmalade tabby cat with
grey eyes - female.  She has something wrong with one leg.  She has a
swelling above the elbow and can't put weight on it.

She has a good appetite, is *very* loving, follows me or the kids around and
purrs a lot. She has had a solid bowel movement and regular urination.
Healthy coat and eyes. A few fleas, but not many. She is drinking water and
eating the dry dog food that I have and is staying in the dog carrier in the
garage for now.

Llywelyn is allergic to cats, so we can't keep her.  Our Border Collie might
not like her either.

We have to find a home for her today or tomorrow, otherwise, we have to take
her to Tri-City Animal Shelter tomorrow between 4 and 5 pm.

If you can help, or foster her for awhile, call me at 972-299-9867.  Leave a
message if we aren't there.

p.s. Anthony and Sam call her "Lil' Vicki".



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