[Steppes] Lucets?

Karen Calhoun kmcalhou at garlandisd.net
Wed Mar 27 07:59:25 PST 2002

I have some yarn.  Arianne has leftovers from the booties she makes.  I was going to use it for cores for temari balls, but if the kids need it, I have plenty.

As far as lucets go, I got mine from that place in Maine. (the name escapes me at the moment)  It was kinda expensive ($12 alone, $20 with kit and instructions).  It just came to me:  Halcyon Yarn.  I still have a catalog for you, Averial.

I'm hoping to see you on the 11th.


>>> averialj at hotmail.com 03/27/02 09:47AM >>>
Hello all,

I'm trying to locate a source for Lucets.  Does anyone know where one can be
purchesed?  Iknow some woodworks are concerning making some but I haven't
heard that any have been made in our area recently.

Also, Fiber Arts folks,

Don't forget Fiber Arts, April 11th at my house.  Bring a craft and lets
work.  I would also like to discuss us working up some largess for Steppes
Warlord.   And in that vein,  I'm tring to collect scrap yarns in verious
lenghts, colors, and textures.  Scraps need to be at least 12 inches in
lenght though.  I would be greatful for any donations.  The scraps will be
used for a youth craft and largess.

In Service,

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