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Wed Mar 27 10:10:40 PST 2002

>Don't forget Fiber Arts, April 11th at my house.  Bring a craft
>and lets work.  I would also like to discuss us working up some
>largess for Steppes Warlord.   And in that vein,  I'm tring to
>collect scrap yarns in verious lenghts, colors, and textures.
>Scraps need to be at least 12 inches in lenght though.  I
>would be greatful for any donations.  The scraps will be
>used for a youth craft and largess.

I have CARTONS of scraps.  Well, if you want really scrap yarns, A carton; the rest is skeins and balls I'd just as soon donate to a couple of charities that will use them for various items (there is a limit to what I can produce, especially with three little nieces and one on the way who are getting the lion's share of my needlework).

Do you care if it is acrylic, cotton, wool, blends, anything?  Any particular thickness?

I will be out of town and cannot attend Fiber Arts.  But I can try to get them to you some other way, maybe dropping them at the Business Meeting?  I can also ask at Knitting Guild if people have scraps, but may not get them before our May meeting.

                                   ---= Morgan

PS:  The last time I priced lucets from Master Eadweard, he was about half the cost that Katya mentioned, at least for the two-prong.  He also has mini-looms and stickweaving sets in various sizes.

"It's easy to identify people who can't count to ten. They're in front
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