[Steppes] Clothier's April 3

Chiara chiara at io.com
Wed Mar 27 19:17:51 PST 2002

Thanks Elspeth! I will change that ASAP.

MAEVA send me the calendar please, I have not gotten it yet. :)

If you have April's mock up please send that to me as well so that I can
start now.

Chiara Francesca
Ansteorra, Steppes, Texas
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> The website says Clothier's is meeting tonight. That
> is not correct. The next Clothier's meeting is April
> 3.
> You can come watch me make a late period kilt sherte.
> If you want to copy my pattern, bring some large paper
> to trace it. Leftover Christmas wrapping paper perhaps
> ?
> yours,
> Lady Elspeth
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