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Wow!  Well, Clare or anyone else who would like to slosh on over to Carrollton Saturday night, we are still having our Deathday Party!!  (it's a Halloween party! 2 days to come up with a costume idea !)
The theme is Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington's 500th Deathday Party.  You may come from any century as long as you come in the state of your demise!  Those of you who have seen Harry Potter, or read the books, this is the party that takes place in The Chamber of Secrets.  There have been other parties on a similar theme.  One of my favorites was a couple who arrived as a Cowboy and prostitute who died in a brothel.  The cowboy was still wearing his cowboy hat and boots, but was in his boxers!!  (I'm sure some of you know to whom I am referring).  There was also a kitty cat with tire tracks on her tummy.  You get the idea!  Wanna go period?  Why not try a pirate with his throat slashed or a bogman.  Or a Saxon king with an arrow in his eye!  The possibilities are endless!  Harry Potter, Hermione, and Ron were at the Deathday party, so you may try that as a costume idea as well, however, they will have to be somewhat recognizable - i.e., put forth an effort.
Please email me if you're interested and I will email you the invitation!
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Dearest Clare,

I am in complete support of canceling this event. It breaks my heart too to miss this event but dog paddling or mud sliding just doesn't sound realistic especially sense I have a broken knee.

Thank you for putting the welfare of your SCA family before your wish to finish out this event. Well done, my dear.

Your humble servant,
Viscountess Kate

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