[Steppes] Q & A for B&B candidates

Dawn Rummel dsrummel at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 12 10:43:20 PDT 2003

"Morgan Cain (Ansteorra)" <morgancain at earthlink.net> wrote:
I disagree with the decision of the candidates to send their replies only to
the poster or to persons requesting them. The questions were asked in a
public forum; why are they not being answered in the same way?

Antonia replies:

There has been some question as to what type of discussion is appropriate on the list.  This arises, I think, from the feeling that online discussions can quickly get off topic or personal.  I can see that point.  Since the questions were posted to the list and some of the candidates offered to send their replies privately to anyone who asks, that makes them available to to the populace without using the list as a potential battlefield.  Another option would be to have a spot on the website where questions could be posted as well as candidate's replies, but general posting would not occur.  Either option seems like a good one to me.


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