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I made it to Southern Steppes the other night.  The format was individual one on one per the candidates.  I did not get a chance to talk with all of the candidates- partly my fault and partly others were talking when I was free.  I will say that all you have to do is ask a question and you can certainly get responses.  I also would prefer a public forum where other questions can come up from other areas that I may not have considered.


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I disagree with the decision of the candidates to send their replies only to
the poster or to persons requesting them.  The questions were asked in a
public forum; why are they not being answered in the same way?  I was not
able to attend the meet-and-greet sessions, did the candidates answer
questions in the open or did they insist upon private consultations with any
person who wished to speak with him/her/them?

I found it very helpful to see the responses from the B&B candidates in
Elfsea posted to their lists for everybody to read.  For one thing, it
avoided having every person in the Barony send the same questions to the
candidates, and sometimes a response generated a new question that was
useful to the considerations.

I thought that the questions posted by Karolus and Aimee were good ones, and
feel that the answers would enlighten everybody as to who might make the
better candidate, of course based at least in part upon the person's
interpretation of what is important to the Barony, the Cantons, the
populace, and children's television at large.

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