[Steppes] Defender Gate

Chris Harper bice.pietro at charter.net
Wed Oct 1 11:29:22 PDT 2003


I would like to take this opportunity to  thank everyone who worked gate 
with me at Defender.  They are: in no particular order (as the saying 
goes),  Mistress Stella, who helped me set it all up and even went and 
procured the seed money for me; Alaric Morganygg, who also put up the wind 
break and sun shield for me; Janie of DFT, Gwenllian Hertewelle, Maili 
Donnel MacGregor, Isolda von Rugen (Vix), Siobhan Ui Neill, Daniel Stewart, 
Timothy of Glastinbury (who even brought someone to help), Christoph von 
Lasson (the one he brought), David Cade, Fiona Morganygg, Aimiliona (sorry 
I have no last name), Brother Kris (who needs no last name), John de 
Irwynne, who was supposed to sit with his Lady wife, Catatina but brought a 
Lady by the name of Elspeth di Frobeys, instead.  May I add thanks to new 
members of Elfsea, who offered to sit when we were so busy, Muireann ni 
Fearghus and Siobhan ni Fearghus; also Madelina de Lindesaya of Loch 
Ruadh.  Then we have Dohmnall O'Ruairc who worked part of 3 shifts but 
didn't sign in at all.

My thanks also to the Autocrats for "putting out the fires" and backing me 
up; to the  security people who either hung out between patrols or cruised 
by often during the wee hours of the morning.  Special thanks to the 
Feastocrat who sent me a tray (with perfect timing) just as we closed 
gate.  Fabulous chicken "stuff"!

If there is anyone I forgot, you have my profound apologies; please just 
chalk it up to my affliction, CRS, which seems to be advancing to a more 
serious state right now.  But do contact me so I can recognize you.

It was a pleasure serving with all of you,

Bicé di Pietro
Gate Keeper
Elfsea Defender

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