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You are welcome.

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> Greetings,
> I would like to take this opportunity to  thank everyone who worked gate 
> with me at Defender.  They are: in no particular order (as the saying 
> goes),  Mistress Stella, who helped me set it all up and even went and 
> procured the seed money for me; Alaric Morganygg, who also put up the wind 
> break and sun shield for me; Janie of DFT, Gwenllian Hertewelle, Maili 
> Donnel MacGregor, Isolda von Rugen (Vix), Siobhan Ui Neill, Daniel Stewart, 
> Timothy of Glastinbury (who even brought someone to help), Christoph von 
> Lasson (the one he brought), David Cade, Fiona Morganygg, Aimiliona (sorry 
> I have no last name), Brother Kris (who needs no last name), John de 
> Irwynne, who was supposed to sit with his Lady wife, Catatina but brought a 
> Lady by the name of Elspeth di Frobeys, instead.  May I add thanks to new 
> members of Elfsea, who offered to sit when we were so busy, Muireann ni 
> Fearghus and Siobhan ni Fearghus; also Madelina de Lindesaya of Loch 
> Ruadh.  Then we have Dohmnall O'Ruairc who worked part of 3 shifts but 
> didn't sign in at all.
> My thanks also to the Autocrats for "putting out the fires" and backing me 
> up; to the  security people who either hung out between patrols or cruised 
> by often during the wee hours of the morning.  Special thanks to the 
> Feastocrat who sent me a tray (with perfect timing) just as we closed 
> gate.  Fabulous chicken "stuff"!
> If there is anyone I forgot, you have my profound apologies; please just 
> chalk it up to my affliction, CRS, which seems to be advancing to a more 
> serious state right now.  But do contact me so I can recognize you.
> It was a pleasure serving with all of you,
> Bicé di Pietro
> Gate Keeper
> Elfsea Defender

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