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Believe it or not, volunteers in Longview, Texas have built not only
one, but two additions to KidsView...a really wonderful kids park that
was made just like the scenario described below, and that will be made
in Rockwall.  It was born of a grassroots effort from parents in the
community, and was built by parents and kids.  A year or two later,
another addition was made which expanded the playground.  Today, it's a
shady and much loved retreat.  A neat touch is that those who worked on
the playground (or who could not physically) could pay a small fee to
have their names woodburned into fence posts around the playground.  

So....I'd really encourage anyone who can volunteer to get involved.  As
the years have gone by, it's really proved to be one of the best
community projects we've ever done.  Also, kids and parents alike just
love it.  

There.....my two cents. ;-)


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I had the opportunity to work on one of these projects in Oregon. I
think I 
ended up putting 40 hours in over 3 days. Hard but very rewarding work.
learned how to use power tools and later could go back to the playground
point out the places I had made. I was especially proud of the Dragon
that I drew with one other person. we drew it on the boards and boy! did
turn out good. My son won the contest for designing the logo for that 
particular play park in The Dalles, Oregon. Leathers and Assoc. does a 
fantastic job of letting the kids get involved with the design of the
park. There is a real sense of ownership by the community which tends to

reduce the amount of vandalism to it after it is built. If you can get
there, do it, you'll be glad you did.


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FYI, great opportunity.

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Hi everyone!

For those of you that live in an around Rockwall.  Rockwall is currently
attempting to build a large playground, KidZone, at Harry Myers using
volunteer workers. ( www.kidzonerockwall.org )  The original plan was to
have it finished by May 2 but they have fallen short of this goal.  They
now hoping to complete the work over May 21 - 23rd beginning at 8 am.
is the article that appeared in the newspaper today
They could use any volunteers.  Food, Drinks, and Childcare are
Please encourage anyone you know in Rockwall to participate so that the
children will have a wonderful place to play.

Muriella de Oseburnham
mka Chandra Krauss

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