[Steppes] OT-Puppy needs a home.

Vicki Marsh xaraxene at comcast.net
Thu May 13 20:08:01 PDT 2004


I need to find a home for a really cute girl-puppy. She's about 14 weeks
old, short-haired, and looks like a blood-hound mix.  She is playful and
sweet-tempered and can sleep outside without barking. She's going to be a
good-sized dog.

I can't keep her because my other two dogs are having fits.  Yoshi is about
to have a nervous breakdown and has lost weight since the puppy came. Zander
has been more snappish than usual. (Llywelyn's not too happy about a third
dog, too).

I've managed to keep her out of the animal shelter for the last two weeks,
but I have to find a home for her. Please, if you have a yard and a lot of
love, get in touch with me at xaraxene at comcast.net

This puppy deserves to be loved and cared for.

Thank you,


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