[Steppes] Re: [Elfsea] Fwd: Siege Weapons

Kaneki no Ryuto Akimitsu sokkaiya23 at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 13 20:53:55 PDT 2004

To whom may place us with an engine:

Soma-dono and myself would be more than happy to crew a siege engine, as we
have been trying to build our own.  He know how to build, and I know how to
position them.  If any would let us man their engines we would be mreo than
happy to ablige you and field them for a weeked at Gulf War.

Humbly and in service,
Kaneki no Ryuto Akimitsu


Come hither, my lads, with your tankards of ale,
And drink to the present before it shall fail;
Pile each on your platter a mountain of beef,
For 'tis eating and drinking that bring us relief:
  So fill up your glass,
  For life will soon pass;
When you're dead ye'll ne'er drink to your king or your lass!
- "The Tomb"  H. P. Lovecraft


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