[Steppes] Lindenwood Populace and A&S Night this Thursday....

Christine/Maria casadevaca at charter.net
Mon Dec 4 15:50:55 PST 2006


Oh my this snuck up on me!  This Thursday is once again our monthly 
populace and A&S night.   12th Night is just around the corner! Bring 
those projects that need to be finished before 12th Night! We have all 
those large tables and alot of floorspace!

We will be discussing and planning our Yule Revel that will be held on 
December 30th at the Senter East building.  Please bring your ideas to 
make this as fun as it was last year.

We will meeting at the Irving Arts building at Jaycee Park at 7:30pm.


In Service,
Lady Maria
Minister of Arts and Sciences
Canton of Lindenwood

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